The name DesMold is formed by combining Design and Moldservice. This is a precise description of our core activities.

In the early years, we chose to carry out all work in-house using the various processing machines in Hardenberg, but nowadays DesMold has explicitly opted for a strategy of intensive collaboration with suppliers in order to enable us to plan the best possible capacity for you. From our new location in Germany (Itterbeck), we are continuously at our customers’ service to delivery yet another first-class achievement.

Thanks to this strategic choice, we have created a team of specialists who can work on every aspect of your project, from design to implementation. This offers you the following advantages:

  • Low cost level, which translates to competitive pricing
  • Small team so that we can respond rapidly
  • Flexibility in every step of your project

We have all the expertise in-house that is needed to realise your projects and we use our selected national and international suppliers for production.

DesMold will soon offer its customers the option of tracking the progress of joint projects. You will be able to see the progress and the internal communication at DesMold. This will give you continuous insight into and control of the projects.